Under the covers in a flower bed 18″x24″ original watercolor painting by Christmas Grigsby

Fall is on the edge of August as the leaves wave

What once were blooms say goodbye on the way

Freeze my breaking heart in then centre of your frame

But when the winter sun leaves its cage, say my name


Breeze in June 12″X12″ original watercolor painting 

The weather of June was so comfy at the first two weeks. Breeze and sunlight are always the best partners in summer. I wish this kind of weather can stay longer. 

The flower, which is fluttering in the breeze of painting, is like a shy girl that hangs down her head. The plenty of sunlight brighten its white and make it shine in the underbrush.

‘Song of the Flower Sea’ 12″ X 18″ mixed media painting

This is a colorful abstract painting created with watercolor, acrylic metallic paint and pastels. 
You might see the ocean. You might see an ocean of flowers. Maybe a fish. A bee. A reef. Whatever you see just stop and feel the wonder.


Ruby remembers 12″X18″ original watercolor painting

Red rides on an ocean of emerald, but in her heart of hearts she dreams of the full moon.

This is my first painting this summer. My passion for painting is aflame in the heat. 
12″X 18″ is a good size to decorate the side wall of a kitchen, dining room, bedroom or washroom. I put one this size near my bedroom door.
Red and turquoise match white, black, yellow, brown, and gold. I suggest those colors for the frame.
I hope my painting can attract your eyes to feel the wonder.


Red Cotton Dream 12″x18″ original watercolor and acrylic mixed media painting

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11831743_1000941533257470_2247345662085862382_n image1 (2)

Kapoks are also called red cotton flowers. This is a flower I saw everyday on my way to school in my childhood. The flowers fell from the trees, spinning in a spiral, and then “pop” they land like paratroopers. They do not fade, they do not wither. Aunties capture these soldiers to make five flowers tea.


Fine art ‘Lakeside Garden 12″x18″ original watercolor painting

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 This piece was inspired by the beautiful flowers at Lake Quivira, Kansas. You can see different types of florals in the front yard of the houses. They look like beauty queens waiting for their crowns. I am lucky to be one of the judges. These blue flowers attracted my eyes the most. 


Butterfly’s Day Out 12″x 12″ original watercolor painting

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Sometimes loneliness can bring people together. They can become so close that they are hard to distinguish. Even though one must part someday, cherish the closeness now. Cherish the moment. Cherish your one and only.


Clockwork Magic/11″x 15″ original mixed media painting-watercolor and acrylic/good gift idea/art for sale/one-of-a-kind piece

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Can you see floral patterns in this creation? They have turned into clockwork to lead us back to our ‘colorful world’ when we need to renew our mind in a ‘turbulent city’.
The colors change from different angles. The picture is a bit darker than the real thing.

All of our art work is original. We do not have print. So this is a one-of-a-kind piece.


Lakeview Incident 12″x18″ original watercolor painting

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Lakeview Incident 12″x18″ original watercolor painting

We celebrate with a dance in the sky. The sky dances with the water below. You reach out your hand to put your arm around the one you love. The sky cracks, but the children cheer instead of hide. Illuminated below are the sweetest couple of all, going for a swim.


Passionate Summer /polyptychs 8″x 8″ original watercolor painting / 9 pieces paintings of 8″x 8″

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I have finished my 9 pieces yesterday. This painting includes 9 pieces. The size of each piece is 8″x8″.

Summer Flowers add brilliant color and beauty to the landscape through the heat of summer and until frost, with only minimum care. Summer is a time of beauty and abundance with Summer Flowers in the garden.

I love many types of flowers, lilies, roses, hibiscuses, sweet peas, irises and more. I want to see all of them in my room all year. But flowers can’t stay long. After a week, they wither in front of me despite my love and care. Picking and changing fresh flowers in my home every week is a big task for busy people. How can you bring passionate summer flowers to your home everyday? Do you think these original watercolor paintings can help?

If these paintings attract your eyes, please stop and feel the wonder. Take a deep breath of fresh air, let any mess leave your mind. Be the passion of summer flowers.